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    1. HubeiJulong Forging Co.,Ltd.



      Hubei Ju long Forging Co., Ltd. is located in famous Taoist shrines Wudang Mountain, at the foot of the Motor City - Shiyan City, the transportation is very convenient. The company was founded in July 2012, the plant covers an area of more than 4 million square meters, the total investment is 150 million yuan, now has a staff of 100 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 40 people, and hired the original Dongfeng the company Forges total division researcher level senior sentinel supporting units specialized enterprises, Dongfeng engineers wearing Huashan technology consultant, is forging process steel die forgings and precision machining...[MORE>>]


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      Sales Hotline:86-719-8454880    Technical Support:RuiZhi

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